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your music sounds great

Cat Temper

"I came to Tobi needing cleanup of vocal recordings and album mastering. I ended up with results beyond my expectations and knowledge I wish I’d known years ago. His extensive stem processing and constructive guidance elevated my songs while teaching me valuable mixing tips. Tobi makes sure everything sounds great and the customer is satisfied, setting the bar in professionalism and friendly communication. Thanks again for the first-rate work and clear explanations of the process"


Delivering Masters for the Modern Music Industry

I provide an excellent standard of mastering & stem mastering across a wide range of genres, ensuring your music will shine across all platforms, media & playback devices.

mix feedback & unlimited recalls included

meta-data added as standard

ddps for printing cds available at no extra cost

stem mastering available upon request

mastering for vinyl available upon request

Every Master Includes:


1 Single: 100 Euros

5 Track EP: 300 Euros

10 Track LP: 500 Euros

+ Additional tracks up to a 5 Track EP: 50 Euros

+ Any subsequent tracks up to a 10 track LP: 45 Euros

+ Additional tracks from a 10 track LP onwards: 40 Euros

*Tracks must be by the same artist to qualify*


16 Bit/44.1 kHz WAV

(CD Quality)

for showreels, websites, etc


24 Bit FLAC 

*Bandcamp automatically adds page descriptions to downloads but it only works with FLAC files.


16 Bit/44.1 kHz WAV

auditioned to maximize quality & loudness on streaming platforms.


16 bit 44.1 kHz WAV

Auditioned Specifically for Soundcloud at either Free (64 kbps) or Premium (256 kbps) 


MP3 CBR 320 kbps

auditioned to maximize quality and loudness



Luxembourg-Based Mastering Engineer Tobi has brought a shine and a professional edge to the music of up-and-coming independent artists from across the world, working in a whole range of genres.

His masters have been played on radio stations and influencer playlist alike, and featured in both tastemaker and trade publications.

he is known for his high work ethic, patience & proffessionalism and, most of all, working to a high standards.


when not mastering, tobi works on his own music as alt/art-pop artist/producer tobisonics.  his debut solo production attracted glowing praise from listeners and his youtube channel has been featured a number of times by manufactures within the industry. 

A lifelong fan of Independent Music, Tobi spends much of his spare time passionately supporting the work of Independent Artists as A moderator for Tom Robinson's (BBC Radio 6) Fresh on the Net and curating his own tobisonic playlists including his passion project "New Independent Music Friday".

He lives day to day with severe PTSD and chronic anxiety/depression in a quiet village in the Luxembourg countryside, where takes care of his beagle, Enzo and enjoys cycling and photography.

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For mastering feel free to contact me via the contact form or by email.

For Playlist Submission...


If you'd like me to listen to your music drop it in the Fresh on the Net InBox (I'm one of the moderators). Not only will I hear it, but so will all the other moderators.  It's free.  All you need is a Soundcloud link.    


*submission by any other means will be ignored.

Thanks for Reaching Out!


Mastered live recodings