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Your Music sounds great.


Cyril Oleynikov (Jillhouse)

It's extremely hard to find a right person to work together on your songs, especially if it's a remote collaboration. Especially if it's such a delicate and underestimated phase as mastering.

But I've been very lucky to meet Tobi in Produce like a Pro community. We've been working on a couple of our releases and I can claim with no doubt that this man is a true professional, feels the song right and knows how to make your mix shine.

But the thing that I consider as the most valuable is that Tobi always gives feedback on my mixes and suggests how to make it even better. I remember great Al Schmitt saying in his book that his mastering engineer always gave an honest feedback on his mixes and now I understand how important it is.

So I'm proud to consider Tobi as a part of Jillhouse sound team and can recommend him to anyone willing to have a great mastering job done on your track.

Delivering Masters for the Modern Music Industry

Working to the Highest Standard


I begin each new project with a blank canvas and my signal chain is tailored specifically to fit each individual project.  Well-judged use of automation allows the master processing to adapt to the changing dynamics and musicality of your work.  No two masters are alike, because no two pieces of music are alike either.


At the Highest Quality

To ensure your music has the professional, commercially competitive finish it deserves, I work at 32 Bit Floating Point precision and a sample rate of 96 kHz.  Your audio files will be upsampled using either Wavelab or iZotope RX (I audition both to find the best fit for your music).  I also employ additional oversample options to maximize the fidelity and tonal detail of your music with oversample rates of up 6,144 kHz; making use of applications designed expressly for mastering from top manufacturers such as SPL, Fabfilter, and DMG.

In a Professional Listening Environment for Professional Results. 

The very best in acoustic treatment from Vicoustics, EQ Acoustics, and Hofa in conjunction with Genelec's GLM calibration technology produce a high-end listening environment which, with the precision and flexibility of ADPTR Audio Metric AB, allows me to comprehensively reference your music against the very best releases in your target market.

Your Music Will Sound Great on Every Platform

I use PSP Audio's Industry-leading X-Dither to provide a professional finish for your music.  Every master is extensively auditioned with Nugen Mastercheck to maximize the volume and quality of your release while ensuring your music will sound great on every platform, format, and bandwidth.

Mix Feedback* and Unlimited Recalls

Before mastering begins, and in order to help you get the very most of your mix, I provide extensive mix feedback on a comprehensive range of musical/production elements; broken down into clearly understandable topics from the core mix, to additional instrumentation, dynamics, frequency masking, and fidelity.

Once the 'test master' is delivered, you will also have unlimited recalls.

*Mix Feedback is also available as a stand-alone service.

Stem Mastering Available

Stem Mastering is available.  The price depends on the amount of work required.


Included with Every Master

A comprehensive range of formats and technical standards to meet the multi-platform/multi-media demands of the modern music industry



A Selection of the Artists I have Mastered









dan fien.jpg








Discounts for Independents

One look at my bio will tell you, I'm a big supporter of independent music.  I like to do what I can help out Artists on a budget.

Discount rates are available on a project by project basis.  Contact me directly (masteredbytobi@mailcan.com or use the contact form at the bottom) with a link to the track(s) you need mastered and a serious proposal of what you can afford to pay.

You must include all the tracks you need mastered and, although I do occasionally take royalty share in part payment, your proposal must include a cash amount as well (I do not work for only royalty share).  Do not ask me to work for only a credit.


+ The number of projects I can offer at a discounted rate depends on my workload.

+ This is not a budget service. It is my full service at a discount price.  


32 Bit Floating Point/96 kHz WAV

High quality

for archiving and protecting the legacy of your music.


16 Bit/44.1 kHz WAV (CD Quality) 

24 Bit 48 kHz WAV (DVD Quality) 

for showreels, portfolios, and creating CD/DVDs

Streaming Safe 

16 Bit/44.1 kHz WAV

for uploading to Streaming Sites via Distrokid/CDBaby, etc*

*24 Bit/48 kHz WAV available upon request at no extra cost.


16 bit 44.1 kHz WAV

Auditioned Specifically for Soundcloud at either Free (64 kbps) or Premium (256 kbps) 


MP3 CBR 320 kbps

auditioned to maximize quality and loudness

+ Meta-Data (RIFF, IDv2 + IDV3, iTunes, etc) included on each Master

+ DDP (for Writing to CD) included upon request at no extra cost

Additional formats & bit depths/bit rates are available upon request at no extra cost


1Single: 100 Euros

5 Track EP: 400 Euros

10 Track LP: 725 Euros

Rather than offer a 'budget service'

with 'up-sale' extras piled on top at additional cost,

I offer a quality service that provides you

with everything your music needs at one price. 

+ Additional tracks up to a 5 Track EP: 75 Euros

+ Any subsequent tracks up to a 10 track LP: 65 Euros

+ Additional tracks from a 10 track LP onwards: 50 Euros

Mix Feedback

1 Single - 25 Euros

5 Track EP - 100 Euros

10 Track LP - 180 Euros 

I provide extensive mix feedback on a comprehensive range of musical/production elements; broken down into clearly understandable topics from the core mix, to additional instrumentation, dynamics, frequency masking, and fidelity.

+ Follow-Up Feedback - 10 Euros per Follow Up 

*Mix Feedback is included in the price of Mastering


A sample of some of my recent work.

All the tracks in my showreel are 'official' releases.  While I do sometimes master 'practice' mixes as a favor to mix engineers I know, I do not currently have any in my showreel.  Practice tracks will always be labeled 'Unofficial'.



A lifelong fan of Independent Music, Tobi spends much of his spare time passionately supporting the work of Independent Artists.

A moderator for Tom Robinson's (BBC Radio 6) Fresh on the Net, Tobi also hosts Thursday’s #Musichouruk (8 pm – 9 pm) on Twitter.


Tobi writes reviews of new independent music for Line of Best Fit and Brash Magazine, as well as interviews/articles for a number of other Indie websites & publications.

Tobi curates ‘New Independent Music Friday’ playlist in support of the very cutting edge of independent music.  After years of hard work and promotion, the playlist now draws 100s of weekly listeners for undiscovered artists and bands.

He lives day to day with severe PTSD and chronic anxiety & depression in a quiet village in the Luxembourg countryside, with his most excellent beagle, Enzo.









December 14th, 2018

I talk to Tracey at Music Talks about music, hosting #Musichouruk, and my beagle Enzo.

February 19, 2019

I speak to Unsigned Chat about the Independent Music scene, music-making, and my plans for my own line of underwear, 'Tobi Pants'.

January 18th, 2018

I speak to Traxx24 about music, depression, and how dogs can save your life.


A growing number of articles I've written about music production and independent music.  Many of this articles are first published elsewhere, before I reprint them on my own blog.


For mastering or mix feedback services feel free to contact me via the contact form or by email.

For Playlist Submission, please use the submission form at the bottom of the playlist page.